Solar containers deliver renewable and sustainable energy in Africa

Our solar containers deliver renewable energy to rural communities, farm cooperatives, or aid agencies in Africa.

People in Europe have built centralized energy supply and distribution systems based on coal or nuclear power plants decades ago. In Germany, as part of the “Energiewende” (energy transition), this established centralized power generation and distribution system recently got augmented by decentralized power generation facilities owned by citizens and communities.

Economic development in Africa is still impacted by the lack of reliable power generation and distribution with region-wide availability. On average, only 20% of the people in Africa have access to electrical energy. For Mali, our pilot country, this number is 17%, with most of those people living in the big cities. This energy scarcity is what we want to change with our solar containers.

To help with economic growth in Africa, many projects have been set in place to build a reliable energy supply system. Unfortunately, in many places, this system gets build in the same way as in Europe decades ago: Centralized power plants with complex fuel supply networks, and long-distance power distribution networks – expensive to build and operate. Which also means that potential consumers living outside the big cities cannot be connected cost-efficiently.

We, “Africa Greentec” – a team of green technology experts and social entrepreneurs from Germany and Africa – have built our solar containers to offer an alternative solution: Renewable and decentralized power generation in close location to consumption, with no need for fuel supply and long-distance power distribution networks.

We are combining innovate technology, like our solar containers, with innovative financing solutions, like crowd funding. With this, we can build on best practices learned from the German Energiewende and raise awareness for renewable and sustainable, decentralized energy solutions with consumers in Africa.

Do you want to help building these sustainable, decentralized energy solutions in Africa? Talk to us!